Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cards for our troops

I've been looking for a while to find a way to use my card making as a ministry.  I finally found a way.  In my last scrapbooking magazine, they had a small blurb about Operation Write Home.  OWH sends cards to our troops all over the world.  You can check our their website here.  I can send them cards and they will send them to our troops to use to send home to their loved ones.  You can also send what they call "Any Hero" letters.  An Any Hero letter is a note to our troops, either thanking them, or encouraging them in some way.

Last Thursday, I sent my first box of cards.  I managed to come up with 48 cards and 3 Any Hero letters to send. If you're interested in joining me in this, let me know, or you can check out the options on their website.

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